Radio Shuttle Racking
A horizontal platform device used for assembly, stacking, handling and transportation of goods and products placed as unit loads. It is widely used in fields such as production, transportation, warehousing and circulation.
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Product Description:

The shuttle rack is a complete high-density storage system composed of shelves, shuttle trucks and forklifts.This efficient storage method brings new choices for improving the utilization of warehouse space.

Loading:200kg-2000kg/Cargo space 


Material thickness:1.2mm-4.0mm

Shuttle trucks use a welding-free tenon-and-mortise structure,which has the advantages of better shock resistance, good technology integration, exceptionally high speed and positioning accuracy, which can greatly improve the utilization of storage space and reduce the overall cost investment.

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Working Principle

◆ Inventory: The goods are placed by a forklift on the front end of the racking roadway guide, being operated by radio remote control.

◆ Pick up: Move the pallet deep in the shelf to the front end and remove the goods with a forklift.

◆ Mobile trolley: Shuttle trolley can be applied to different roadways, and the quantity is determined by comprehensive factors such as the depth of the roadway,the total amount of goods, the batch of shipments, and the frequency of shipments.

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Scope of application

◆ Industries with large quantity and not too many types: Such as food, beverages, chemicals,tobacco, etc with large batches and relatively single items.

◆ Cold storage operation:Shuttle shelves can reduce working time in low-temperature operation conditions, and improve work efficiency and safety.

◆ Deadline management: They can be used to warehouses with strict requirements on batches of items, which demand first-in, first-out management.

◆ Storage capacity increase: They can be used to warehouses that have limited storage space and need to maximize the use of space.

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