Double Deep Pallet Rack
Double-deep racks are an extension of beam-type racks. They only need to be operated with advanced two-section forklifts. They are specially designed for general double-row racks to store the same goods at depth,effectively reducing channel occupation and greatly increasing storage capacity.
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+86 15662760539

Product Description:

Double deep pallet racking is a specific type of storage system that is installed two racks deep and is operated in medium aisles with trucks that can access double pallet depths. It is an effective system that provides benefits to warehouses and factories that are looking to maximize storage capacity and improve efficiency.

Double deep pallet racking works by providing Last-In-First-Out access - whereby 50% of goods are behind pallets when storage areas are fully utilized. Trucks with double pallet reach depths are then able to get to the stock or materials in a safe and efficient manner.

Loading:200kg-8000kg/Cargo space


Material thickness:1.2mm-4.0mm

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Product Features:

◆The assembled structure of columns and beams can meet a variety of loads; the height of the beam can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the storage requirements;

◆The structure is simple and other accessories can be added according to the characteristics of the goods; mechanical access,high selection efficiency and low investment cost;

◆A specialized forklift is required.

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Scope of application:

Widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers and other fields. It is suitable for both low-variety and low-volume items and small-variety and high-volume items. This type of shelves is most commonly used in high-rise warehouses and ultra-high warehouses (most of the shelves in automated warehouses use this type of shelf).

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