Mezzanine & Steel Platform

Attic Shelf
Usually, medium-sized shelf racks or heavy-duty shelf racks are used as the main support plus floor panels (which shelf is selected based on the total load weight of the shelf unit), and can be designed into a double-multi-layer or multi-layer structure. Shelves are usually composed of standard parts such as column pieces,beams, laminates, floor panels,guardrails, stairs, etc. The floor panels usually use cold-rolled, patterned or steel grille floor panels. There are many types to choose from, and they are easy to match the lighting system,making access and management more convenient.
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+86 15662760539

Product Description:

Shelf platform is a steel structure that integrates the shelf and the platform, with a steel platform being on the top of the heavy-duty shelf. It is a platform composed of upright columns,and main & auxiliary beams. The space is divided into two layers, being used either for storage or office.

Loading:200kg-2000kg/Cargo space 


Material thickness:1.2mm-4.0mm

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Product features:

◆High space utilization;

◆Good structure and stability;

◆ The shelf height is adjustable;

◆ The cross beams and pillars are connected with tenons for easy assembly;

◆Use galvanized steel laminate, bright and wear-resistant;

◆Usually it can be set up to 2 to 3 floors, equipped with stairs and cargo;

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Scope of application:

Shelf platform can double the storage area of the warehouse,and its upstairs or downstairs can be used either as a warehouse or an office.It is mainly applicable to logistics,machinery manufacturing and other industries.A lot of equipment such as lifts,slides,conveyors,etc.can also be installed on the shelf platform to improve the efficiency of the warehouse.

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