Drive In Racking
Through-type racks are also called drive-in racks. Forklifts enter the interior of the shelves to perform operations. Through-type racks have almost double the storage capacity of ordinary beam-type racks in the same space because the lanes between each row of shelves are eliminated. , merge the shelves together so that goods on the same layer and column are connected to each other to maximize storage capacity utilization.
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Product Description:

The storage capacity of the drive-in rack is almost double that of the usual pallet rack for the same space, because there is no aisle between each row of racks and the racks are merged together,so that the goods on the same layer and in the same column are connected to each other,maximizing storage capacity utilization.

Loading:200kg-2000kg/Cargo space 


Material thickness:1.2mm-4.0mm

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Product Features:

◆The guide track can be configured according to actual needs.

◆It adopts pallet access mode and is suitable for storing single varieties and lange quantities of goods.

◆This kind of shelves are densely arranged and the space utilization rate is extremely high.

◆Use forklifts to store and retrieve goods, saving time and effort.

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Scope of application:

The Drive-in can allow forklifts(or unmanned trucks with forks)to drive into the aisle to access to access goods.It is widely used in the storage of large quantities and few varieties of goods;such goods are uniformly packaged and product are single,such as:food, tobacco,cold chain and other warehouses.

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